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Connect with customers around the world with SMS APIs powered by more than 800 networks.



  • Global SMS coverage

  • Fast & secure access

  • Seamless integration

Features :

  • Connect over 200 countries and more than 800 mobile networks

  • Detailed usage reports of all delivered and received SMS messages

  • Schedule SMS messages

  • Customized sender ID

  • Phone book & number filtering

  • Send messages using Emojis

Character limit/ format

SMS messages are charged per segment, if the length is more than one segment will be charged for two messages or more. Messages will be divided into segments to be sent if the length is exceeded.

  • Single SMS (1 message segment)

    • English characters:160

    • Chinese characters:70

    • *Include numbers, symbols and space.

  • Multipart SMS

    • Message contains both English and Chinese characters or full width characters.

    • 1 message segment:70 characters or less

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